With Prysmex, you can make critical findings and visualize your plant in real-time, which will allow you to focus on your company’s productivity like never before.


Our solution adapts to any Industry. With the 3D map of each of your facilities, you can maintain control and constant supervision in real-time. By locating workers and risk zones, you can efficiently prevent accidents. Also, our software has an SOS button that can be activated by any employee in case of an accident to respond immediately.

Prysmex is currently present in the following industries.

Automotive & Auto parts

We know that it is of the utmost importance for the automotive sector to meet high standards of quality and time. Our platform allows efficient safety management, which leads to productivity increase, streamline processes, and communication improvement between different levels of an organization.

Mining & Metals

For Mining & Metal plants, complying with strict safety regulations and following environmental impact guidelines is a priority.

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Our platform enables facilities to manage safety and environmental impact guidelines in a simple and innovative way. Our platform allows customized form development and facilitates daily task follow-up such as visits, maintenance, inspections, and more.


Manufacturing companies are challenged to meet different standards, including their customers’ demands, reaching a high-level operational efficiency, and complying with safety regulations to ensure a safe environment for their workers.

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Our platform seeks to solve every need that a manufacturing plant may have: Productivity standards, accident reduction, streamline processes, complying with safety regulations, and more.


The Chemical Industry is one of the most demanding in occupational and environmental impact safety standards.

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Prysmex helps Chemical plants to track each of their safety standards through customizable forms and inspections. With the digital 3D map of your facilities, monitoring of action plans and routine maintenance can be done in real-time, and it is possible to visualize high-risk zones or hazards.

Energy & Utilities

Companies in the Energy & Utility Industry must be prepared to face challenges in environmental impact and health & safety management. This is because compliance requirements are complex, and it is necessary to be able to submit quality in health & safety reports. That is why it is crucial to have the correct tools to manage all safety needs efficiently.

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Prysmex keeps the plant’s relevant information all in the same place. This makes it easy to keep regulations in control. All inspections and reports are stored and reflect powerful analytics day by day. This makes it easy to submit detailed reports when necessary.

Food & Beverages

Today, the Food & Beverage Industry is under strong regulation to comply with strict safety controls for employees. Also, retailers increasingly demand that plants follow sustainable practices.

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At Prysmex we know how difficult it is to comply with all requirements and regulations, this is why our software is developed to be especially simple to use and extremely efficient when saving and analyzing information.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas plants need to operate efficiently since it is a high-risk industry with strict regulations. The challenge of achieving a safe work environment for everyone is a difficult one. This is why Prysmex offers the most advanced security management tools.

Aviation & Aerospace

For the Aviation & Aerospace Industry, it is of the utmost importance to look for new ways to optimize costs. This is why it is essential to minimize accidents.

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Prysmex offers a comprehensive industrial safety management system in which you can reduce accidents to a minimum. Our platform helps companies keep track of their safety standards through customizable forms and inspections.



Our software helps to detect, report and reduce environmental risks that may be affecting people inside and outside a plant. By promoting safety through a collaborative effort, we managed to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Prysmex is the tool that unites an organization to work in a safe environment.

Health & Safety

Our priority is for workers to return home well. Through real-time visualization, reports of those involved, and action plan follow-up with our platform, it is possible to ensure the well-being of everyone in a plant. The prevention of incidents, accidents, and possible diseases is achieved with precise decisions and correct information analysis.

With Prysmex, it is possible to analyze trends, reduce risks and prevent accidents.

Industrial Safety Software to manage workers, risks, inspections, tasks and more. Reduce accidents in your industrial plant in a simple and innovative way.

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