About Us

We are proudly committed to the welfare and safety of our clients.

What is Prysmex?

Our SaaS cloud-based solution enables firms to view active workers’ locations, tasks, productivity, hazards, and audits in real-time with alerts and views tailored by zones. Using 3D digital maps of facilities and machinery developed using drone technology, we provide clients with a clear picture of their working plant.

Our goal is to unify all levels of an organization, allow managers and workers to be part of a safety culture in which they continuously contribute to risk reduction.


Ensure industrial plant safety, help companies increase their productivity and reduce operational costs by facilitating decision making and strengthening the safety culture in the industrial field.


To be a world-renowned company in EHS software development, to be a technology & innovation leader in the industrial safety field.


  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Learning and adaptability
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork / Collaboration

Our Team

Our team is made from those who are dedicated to programming, updating and improving our software, those who are dedicated to making it visually attractive, intuitive and easy to use, those who make our customers feel unique and important, those who promote our product through different channels, and those who make key decisions that direct our company to success. We are passionate about everything we do because we are motivated to promote and ensure safety for all our customers.


Industrial Safety Software to manage workers, risks, inspections, tasks and more. Reduce accidents in your industrial plant in a simple and innovative way.

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